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Who am I?

Johanna Gras has growned up in Marseille, France. Very attached to her Provence and her roots, she loves also to travel and discover countries which contribute to nourish her imagination. This lover of fantasy worlds likes to write powerful stories where magic and adventure intermingle. With a hint of humour and a pinch of feminist engagement, hers novels are the expression of her boundless dynamism.

After university studies in Literature, she settled for a year in Aucland, New Zealand. A few months after her return, she flew to Ireland and studied French literature from an Anglo-Saxon perspective at the university College of Cork.

Currently, she pratcices her profession as retirement home inspector in a large community while juggling with her life as author. Futhermore, her pratrice of meditation is at heart of her process of literary creation.

The unexpected success of the self-published « Zeladonia » trilogy, 2018, encouraged Johanna to get involved in the writing of news novels.

Spotted by the French traditional edition, she chose to sign with Alter Real for her book « Umbra Luna », to be published in september 2020 with a new pseudonym : NINA DAVIS. Another novel is going to be published with Les Editions Le Heron d’Argent but Johanna prefers to keep the subject secret until publication.

« Pirate souls », her last historical saga, met a great success on Amazon. Therfore, she decided to embark on the translation of this two parts novel to the delight of English-speaking readers. By the way, please forgive the rough english of this text. Know that Arabel Borel, professional translator, has done a better job on « Pirate souls » 😉

Rest assured, sometimes, Johanna puts down her notebook to watch over her two wonderful little kids. She says loud and clear that writing is an art that finds its source in universal love. Thus, she draws each day from the overflowing tenderness that her family gives her.

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